Generator Mistakes That will Leave You in the Dark

April 17, 2017


With hurricane season just around the corner (from June to November) a generator can mean the difference between hot showers and relaxing by the TV and using your phone to search for candles (while simultaneously hoping it doesn’t die). A generator is the perfect way to retain some of your home comforts when disaster strikes, but if you’re not properly caring for it throughout the year, it may not be up to the challenge. Here are a few things you shouldn’t be doing with your generator:

Overusing extension cords. When the lights go out, it can be tempting to get your generator up and running as quick as possible, which can make some people go a little “extension cord crazy.” When used properly, extension cords are somewhat of a blessing, but when old or damaged cords are used with a new generator, the results can be shocking (literally). If you have a larger generator, have your technician install a transfer switch — an outdoor power inlet that only has one connection.

Connecting it to your service panel. Connecting your generator right to the service panel can cause excess electricity to flow backwards up the line and endanger utility workers.

Running out of fuel. After any storm or disaster, fuel is one of the first things to go. Make sure you have plenty of gasoline, diesel fuel, or propane on hand before a storm hits. If you do need to refuel, turn the generator off and let it cool for a few hours before putting more gas into it.

Forgetting about routine maintenance. You wouldn’t drive your car for a year without ever changing the oil or having it serviced, so don’t treat your generator any differently. Especially because generators can sit for years without being used, maintaining regular maintenance will ensure that it’s ready to go the minute an emergency strikes.

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