How to Maintain Your Tankless Water Heater

April 21, 2017


Is there a constant battle going on in your house about who gets to go in the shower first? If your shower is running out of hot water after the first or second person uses it, don’t head to the store in search of a new one just yet. Most of the time, mineral build-up is the cause of low pressure or a lack of hot water. To get the most out of your heater, give it a good cleaning by following these steps.

Step 1: Turn of the power

Shut off the main gas or circuit breaker to your water heater. Whenever you work on an electrical appliance, you always want to make sure the power to that entire area (not just the unit) has been turned off.

Step 2: Turn off the valves

Turn off the three water valves attached to your heater to prevent cold water from flowing into it while you clean.

Step 3: Remove the purge port valve caps

The purge port valve caps can be found on each of the cold and hot water valves. Removing the valves will relieve any built up pressure and prevent hot water from shooting out.

Step 4: Attach a hosing line to each valve

Make sure the hose is long enough that it will reach between the water heater and the bucket you’ll be using. Then, open the purge port valves by twisting them perpendicular to the hot and cold water valves.

Step 5: Clean your heater

Because your tankless water heater probably holds your drinking and bathing water, chemical cleaners can be dangerous. Instead, use 2.5 gallons of undiluted white vinegar to clean your tank.

Step 6: Flush and drain your system

Each tank requires a different process, so follow the flushing and draining procedure found in your heater’s instructions.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything, but still can’t get hot water, then it’s time to call the experts at Mitch Wright Plumbing Heating & Air! If you need a water heater repair or replacement, our water heater Technician Specialists will take a look at the water heater issue, ask you some lifestyle questions, and provide you with the best option for your home.



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