Tips for Quieting a Noisy Air Conditioner

April 3, 2017


Who doesn’t love their air conditioner? That seemingly magical little box is the only reason so many of us make it through the hot summer months. But what happens when your AC starts to rumble and shriek all day? Suddenly, you’re left to make this dreaded decision: turn your AC off and sweat, or sit in the cool air and listen to what sounds like a plane taking off in your house.

Well, at Mitch Wright, we don’t think you should have to choose! If your air conditioner is making too much noise, we have a few tips that will help quiet it down.

What’s Making That Noise?

When an air conditioner is too noisy, one of these is usually the culprit:

  • The fan
  • A loose or broken part
  • The electrical start-up and shutdown
  • The condenser coil
  • Built-up dust and debris

Silencing Your Air Conditioner

Not all noises are created equally. If your unit is making any of these sounds, here’s how you may be able to fix it.

  • Banging: An air conditioner has a lot of moving parts inside of it, so if you hear something that sounds like loud, repetitive banging, it’s probably a loose or broken part. Your best bet is to call a professional to inspect your system.
  • Buzzing: If your unit is constantly humming or buzzing, it may be because it’s working to hard or over-heating. Turn your air conditioner off and clean out or replace the air filters.
  • Rattling: If you have an air conditioner that sits in a windowsill, it may begin to rattle thanks to stuck twigs and branches. If you can, go to the outside of the unit and clear it of any debris.
  • Squeaking: Squeaking or squealing can mean that your air conditioner is starting to get rusty. The solution may be as simple as greasing a few gears, but you may have to replace certain parts.

The best way to avoid a mid-summer air conditioning emergency is to have your unit inspected at the start of spring. Whether you need an air conditioning repair, tune-up, inspection, or maintenance plan, Mitch Wright Heating and Cooling is prepared to take care of any air conditioning needs you may have!


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