Which Cities Have the Best Air Quality?

What makes one city have better air quality than another? Odds are, this is something you probably haven’t thought about too often, but the air you breathe has major implications on your health and even happiness. Take a look at these cities with the best air quality and find out what their citizens are doing to keep it that way.

Amarillo, Texas

With an abundance of wind and moisture, Amarillo is by far the cleanest spot in Texas. Citizens work hard to maintain their healthy status by walking or riding bikes when possible and using natural house cleaners.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

With a rapidly growing population, Santa Fe’s citizens take air quality very seriously. There are strict rules and laws that limit wood burning and the destruction of their more than 1.5 million acres of national forest. Santa Fe is also one of only 20 U.S. cities that has consistently safe ozone levels.

Duluth, Minnesota

Thanks to its small size and remote location, Duluth is one of only seven cities to make it on the list for both lowest year-round particle pollution and ozone levels. The city even has an EPA-funded program to limit the use of diesel-burning school buses.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Thanks to limited vehicle use and a cultural appreciation for the environment, the State of the Air 2016 report revealed that Hawaii, more specifically Honolulu, had the best air quality in the nation.
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