3 Questions Every Homeowner Should be Able to Answer About Their Pipes

August 1, 2017


Besides the front door, pipes are an important staple of every home. To further elaborate the significance of pipes, think of the home as a human body — pipes are the veins that transport blood throughout the body. If you didn’t have pipes in your home, then you’d have to find natural sources of water outside. To keep it short: just like your personal health, you should know the “health” of your pipes at all times. Here’s what you need to know:

Question #1: When Are Your Pipes’ Birthdays?

The older the pipes are within your home, the more problems they’ll likely cause. One of the simplest ways to figure out the age of your pipes is to know when the house was first built. Once that answer is discovered, then it will be simpler to figure out a rough estimate of when the pipers were initially installed. If the pipes were installed 40+ years, then it’s time to consider having them replaced.

Question #2: How Cold Do Your Winters Get?

This question sounds self-explanatory, but it’s pertinent to know the type of seasons your home endures. If you live in California, then you’ll worry less about your pipes freezing. If you live in Vermont, then you’ll have to be more observant of your pipes — they could freeze. There’s really no set answer, but you should check your pipes at least once a month, just to stay in the clear.

Question #3: What Material Are They Made From?

One of the most essential questions you should know is what material your pipes are made of. There are two types of pipes that are commonly used within older homes: iron and clay. Iron pipes are strong, but due to water traffic passing throughout, they tend to deteriorate over time. When it comes to clay pipes, they can deteriorate even quicker. It’s always good to know what your pipes are made of, regardless of how new they are.

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