3 Smart Strategies To Keep Your Drain Clog Free

One of the most daunting tasks for many homeowners is unclogging the drains around their home. Although clogging a drain is never a proposed goal for anyone, it happens quite frequently and more times than anyone would ever like to admit. Before ripping your toilet or sink out of the ground, here are some simple ways to prevent drain clogs:

Mitch Wright - August 9, 2017

Only Flush Toilet Paper

This may sound reminiscent of your parents scolding you, but it still rings true: only flush toilet paper. Toilet paper, just like standard paper, breaks down and decomposes when water is applied. If you decide to flush anything but toilet paper down your toilet, there is a higher risk of the drain becoming clogged, followed by a potential flood.

Screen Your Drain

Most sink drains become clogged on a daily basis because many people don’t have garbage disposals installed in their homes. When an affordable screen drain cover is installed, it will capture any loose debris from falling down the drain. This will save you time and money, since you won’t have to unclog your drain.

Toss Oil and Grease Away

When many people cook in their kitchens, they are notorious for dumping oil and grease down their sink drains. Although this might be an easy alternative to get rid of the substance, it’s the most harmful on your home’s plumbing. The best advice is to avoid discarding it down the sink and bottle it up. Once you bottle up the substances, you can place them in the garbage.

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