4 Weird But Effective Tips To Beat Humidity

4 Weird But Effective Tips To Beat Humidity

Although summer may be dwindling down into the cool, crisp months of autumn, the temperature continues to rise and surprise at the most unexpected times. Despite what many may think, it’s common for your home’s temperature to change drastically throughout the day regardless of the time of year. Instead of using your AC unit 24/7, here are some weird, energy saving ways to beat the humidity:

Ice, Ice, Baby

One of the most effective ways to cool your body temperature is to soak your feet in the ice-filled water! Unlike a traditional foot soaking, this one will require a basin filled with cold water, with a generous hint of ice cubes added in. Since your feet react the quickest to temperature change, the icy water will put your body into cool mode instantly!

Spice Up Your Life

Are you a fan of spicy food? Contrary to belief, if you add some heat to your meals, it will increase your body’s natural response to sweat and lower your overall body temperature. Sure, no one likes to sweat, but this flavorful kick may be a solid solution to beating the external heat!

Cold Water

The easiest solution to cooling down is taking a cold shower. Although this may not be the most pleasant experience, it will be the coolest experience. Simply have your shower water running on the coldest setting and then step inside. It may take some time (and courage) to get adjusted to the cold water, but it will all be worth your while.

You’re As Cold As Ice

If you feel that you’ve run out of cooling methods to beat the humidity, an ice vest will work best. Commonly found on websites such as Amazon.com, ice vests are a wonderful, chilling way to regulate your body’s temperature and keep you comfortably cool. Although it may not be the most fashionable accessory, it will definitely be the coolest — literally!

While these tips are great for those uncomfortably humid days, the best defense against summer heat is a tried and true air conditioner! And if that air conditioner starts acting up, Mitch Wright’s Air Conditioning Technician Specialists can repair or replace it whenever you need assistance! Every one of our technicians is required to participate in on-going industry training by the best trainers in the world!