5 Rookie Mistakes Non Certified Plumbers Make

August 17, 2017


Unclogging a toilet can either be a simple or complex process, depending on your plumbing expertise. While most individuals aren’t certified plumbers, this doesn’t stop them from trying to solve their biggest plumbing mysteries. Although this is a great way to learn tricks of the trade, it could, in fact, lead to a bigger problem within your home. Here are the top five rookie mistakes that most noncertified plumbers make:

Number 1: Shower Drain Wig

Although your shower drain is supposed to filter water in and out of your home, it’s not meant to dispose of items lodged in its path, such as hair. If you happen to leave an excess amount of your locks in your shower drain, this will result in buildup and will cause the drain trap to get clogged. Ultimately, you want to clean any loose strands of hair up when you see them — it will save you time in the long run.

Number 2: Fooling With the Wrong Tools

Sometimes when noncertified plumbers notice a fixture is loose, they’ll try to resolve the problem using the wrong tool. In fact: if you use the wrong tools of the trade for any plumbing project, it will ultimately lead to a busted pipe or even worse, flooding. Before taking on any sort of plumbing project, make sure to do your research and pick up the right tools first.

Number 3: Toilet Paper Only, Please

Unlike garbage disposals in sinks nationwide, toilets can’t break down any foreign matter other than toilet paper. When you decide to flush questionable items down the porcelain throne, it can lead to a clog and ultimately a blocked trap. It’s best to only flush water soluble items to avoid a plumbing catastrophe.

Number 4: Overlooking Problems

The minute you notice an abnormality with your plumbing, address the situation immediately. If you decide to ignore a potential plumbing hazard, it could result in creating a bigger problem down the road for you and your home. No matter how big or small it may seem in the moment, never let plumbing discrepancies slide.

Number 5: Too Much to Breakdown

If you’re fortunate to have a garbage disposal in your home, don’t over stuff the drain. When you place too many items for breakdown, there’s a greater chance that the device will get jammed and stop working. Think of a garbage disposal as a bottle return/recycling machine: only place one item in at a time — nothing more.

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