3 New Year's Plumbing Resolutions Everyone Should Have

December 28, 2017


Remember that saying: “New year, new me?” Although it may have overstayed its welcome, it is beneficial to make some New Year’s resolutions — especially when it comes to plumbing! If you’re still scratching away at that list you made with that dried-out pen, then here are three plumbing resolutions to follow for a happy, and clog-free New Year:

Resolution 1: Always Use a Garbage Can

Need to dispose of some loose ends from your pocket? Throw them out in a garbage can — and don’t flush them down the toilet. Despite what some may think, flushing foreign objects down the porcelain throne can be quite detrimental to the well-being of the plumbing in your home. If a foreign object is flushed down the tube, such as paper towels, it can cause a blockage in your plumbing pipes — which can then lead to an un-flushable toilet, or even worse: flooding within your home. The simplest way to avoid a plumbing issue? If you’re not sure if it can be flushed down the toilet, then it’s best to dispose of it in the garbage can!

Resolution 2: Keep it Cool

Looking to dispose of some hot water? If that’s the case, then it’s important to pour it down your sink drain, rather than the toilet. As it’s known, your toilet is using cool-to-cold water to take care of “business.” Because of this, your toilet is manufactured to withstand cool water only. Just like a delicate drinking glass, if hot water is poured within, the glass will shatter into a million pieces — and the same applies to your toilet, too. Although your porcelain throne may not shatter as aggressively, there is a great possibility that it can crack due to the temperature change. If needed, pour hot water down the sink — but never down your toilet. By keeping this simple step in mind, it will not only save your bathroom from a flood but will save your toilet bowl altogether.

Resolution 3: Plungers Work Wonders

We get it: clogs can happen at any time — especially when you least expect it. One of the most important items to have in your bathroom, besides a toilet, is a plunger. Believe it or not, sometimes residential bathrooms aren’t equipped with a plunger, which makes toilet clogs more of a nightmare than what they really should be. If your bathroom doesn’t have a plunger, then it’s important to invest in this extremely helpful device! If you’re not sure which one to purchase for your bathroom, then we have listed some popular options here. Needless to say, the first item you should purchase in the new year is a toilet plunger for every bathroom in your home!

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