Why a Heat Pump Water Heater is Right for You

December 12, 2017


It may sound hard to believe, but it looks like the same technology that keeps your refrigerator cold can also be used to keep your water heater hot! Water heaters that use high-efficiency heat pump technology can cut your energy rates in half while performing just as well as conventional electric heaters:

How Heat Pump Water Heaters Work

A water heater uses the same process as a refrigerator but in reverse. Instead of removing heat from inside the refrigerator and releasing it into the room, a water heater pulls heat from the air into the tank. Water heaters that use a high-efficiency heat pump can cut the amount of electricity used by at least half because it takes less electricity to move heat from one place to another than to generate it directly.

Hybrid Heat Pump Vs. Pure Heat Pump

Both options will significantly cut your energy use – a hybrid heat pump uses half as much electricity as a conventional electric water heater, while a pure heat pump uses one-third the electricity. Before buying, you should also consider how many people live in your home and what their hot water demands are. Hybrid water heaters are more effective in smaller, 2-3 person homes. Pure heat pumps have a higher efficiency and can handle the water needs of larger houses.

Why Choose a Water Heater?

  • Lower energy bills: Heating your water tank is the second largest drain on your home’s energy bill, with it accounting for 13% of your total energy use. So while water heaters are a little more expensive than electric heaters, the money saved on electric covers the cost in roughly 1 year.
  • Eco-friendly: Not only will your energy bill thank you, but so will the environment. Water heaters are the perfect alternative for people looking to have more eco-friendly heating and cooling options in their home.
  • Low-cost maintenance: According to a study done by the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), high conventional electric heaters cost a 3-person household approximately $8,000 dollars to maintain and operate over its lifetime. Maintenance on a high hybrid heat pump was discovered to cost roughly $2,000.

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