8 Tips for a Successful Remodeling Project

Whether it’s one room or the entire house, remodeling can be overwhelming. Before you dive into construction, here are a few things you should know.

Do your research. Don’t use the first handyman you find – especially if electrical and plumbing are involved. Interview multiple contractors and ask friends for referrals. If you’re considering using someone, you may even want to visit their current job site.

Have a contract. Even if your contractor is a friend or neighbor, have a detailed contract. Include a project outline, important dates and the cost of any labor or materials.

Be honest. Be upfront with your contractor and tell them exactly what you want and what your budget is. And if you see something you don’t like or didn’t approve, don’t be afraid to speak up.

Protect your valuables. Construction never stays in one room. Even if you’re just renovating one area of the house, workers will still have to bring ladders and tools through – so pack away any delicate objects before work starts.

Think long term. No homeowner wants to spend more money on a renovation than they have to, but investing in energy efficient appliances or solar panels can really make a difference on your future bills.

Be prepared for clutter. Sure remodeling is exciting at first – but after a while, living through construction can get tiring. You may want to get a storage unit or consider staying in a hotel for a few nights if you’re undergoing a major renovation.

Buy mini appliances. If you’re redoing the kitchen, you’ll probably have to take out the oven, refrigerator, and microwave. If you do, have a few small appliances (like mini fridge, microwave, and toaster oven) set up in another room.

Be flexible. Very few renovations go according to plan. Random beams and wiring are bound to show up, so be willing to adjust your vision and end date.

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