How to Stay Cool in the Summer (Even if You Don't Have an AC)

June 7, 2017


There are few things worse than lying in bed on a hot summer night, feeling the sweat drip down your back and neck. Not only does it make it hard to relax, but it makes it nearly impossible to get a good night’s sleep. But wait! Believe it or not, there are a few ways you can have all the comforts of a cool, comfortable room, without an air conditioner. With temperatures already rising, here are a few ways you can keep cool tonight.

Turn your fan.

If you have a fan, you should face it towards your body…right? What if we told you that instead of that, you should face it towards an open window. Now, the fan will expel hot air from your room.

Put more than just food in your freezer.

Your freezer isn’t just for frozen pizza anymore. Next time you’re getting ready for bed, stick your sheets in the freezer for a couple of minutes. But a word of advice — throw them in a plastic bag first so you protect them from any mysterious spills.

Loosen up.

Put that XL camp t-shirt you got 10 years ago to good use this summer. Tight shirts will trap your body heat in them, making you feel warmer than you really are.

Choose cotton.

We know how much you love your satin and silk sheets, but it’s probably best that you save them for a cooler night. On hot nights, stick with good old cotton sheets. Cotton is super breathable and great at promoting airflow.

Go low.

Because hot air rises, you should set your mattress up as close to the ground as possible. Take it a step further and head to your basement or den during those exceptionally hot nights.

While these tips are great for one or two warm nights, the best defense against summer heat is a tried and true air conditioner! And if that air conditioner starts acting up, Mitch Wright’s Air Conditioning Technician Specialists can repair or replace it whenever you need assistance! Every one of our technicians is required to participate in on-going industry training by the best trainers in the world!



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