Tools Every Handyman Needs in His Toolbox

While the expression may go: “It’s a poor craftsman that blames his tools,” we tend to disagree. Really, it means that being an expert handyman means having the right equipment and knowing how to use it. No matter how skilled you are at home renovation, you wouldn’t attempt to build a bench or fix a hole in the wall without having the necessary set of tools, right?

Don’t be intimidated by the hundreds, if not thousands, of tools you find at your local department store. Really, just a few basic tools will get almost any job done. Here are the top five tools every homeowner needs in their toolbox.

A hammer: A quality hammer can be used for everything from hanging a picture to small demolition projects. And while your grandfather may have sworn by his wooden handle hammer, they can actually break pretty easily. Instead, opt for one made out of something a bit stronger, like steel or iron.

A Phillips-head screwdriver: Phillips screwdrivers quickly replaced flat-head screwdrivers because its four-star point lets a user apply more pressure and torque. This is also one of the few tools that you want to have in various sizes.

A tape measure: Whether you’re building a birdhouse with your kids or putting a pool in the backyard, a good tape measure is a must. A quality, 25’ tape measure will prevent you from ever hearing those dreaded words: “it’s off by an inch.”

Needle nose pliers: If you frequently work with electrical equipment, needle nose pliers are a must-have. Their thin design makes them great for getting into those hard-to-reach spots or getting a hold of a thin wire.

A level: When you’re hanging a 60-inch plasma screen TV, you pretty much only have one chance to get it right – so while there are electronic levels and apps that claim to get the job done, a traditional level is still the most accurate.

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