3 Ways to Save Energy This Winter

Let’s cut to the chase: are you looking to save energy this winter? Although it may seem like an impossible task to tackle, it’s actually quite simple. When the snow begins to accumulate higher than you’ve ever imagined, remember to keep these quick, simple energy saving tips in mind:

Way 1: Use Heat Sparingly

When the temperature begins to drop, you’ll instantly want to heat your entire home. Instead of putting your HVAC unit into overdrive, it may be wise to take some insulation and patch up the draftier regions of your home! One of the simplest ways to eliminate drafts is to find a drafty window and place a draft guard at the base, which can be purchased at your local home improvement store. After this draft-preventing device is put into place, you’ll soon notice the difference (a warm difference) within your home!

Way 2: Make the Most of Sunlight

As winter slowly approaches, that also means that sunlight will become quite scarce — at least in the late afternoon. If you’re looking for a way to bring some heat into your home, then it’s best to open the blinds/curtains in the morning. That’s right: when you open the blinds/curtains to any window that faces direct sunlight, it will let the sunshine into your home and will bring some much-needed heat. The reason why it’s best to do this in the morning is due to the simple fact that the sun shines its strongest beams in the earlier parts of the day — and the same applies in the summertime, too. You’d be surprised at how warm your home can get, thanks to some simple sunlight!

Way 3: Dress Warm

In need of instant warmth in your home? If you’re continuing to look for the quickest energy-saving alternative, then it’s best to bundle up with a cozy sweater and socks! Despite being an essential to any outdoor environment in the wintertime, bundling yourself up in your home will also be of great use! Just think: once you find your favorite sweater and socks, you’ll instantly feel warmer — and much more comfortable when the temperature begins to drop!

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