3 Popular Ways to Hide Your Outdoor AC Unit

October 22, 2017


Unlike placing a wreath on your front door, it’s quite the challenge to hide your outdoor AC unit. No matter what you try, the task always seems to be the most difficult to tackle. If you’re looking for simple, creative ways to blend your AC unit into your property, then check out these incredible DIY hiding ideas:

Way #1: Potted Plants

The greenest solution to hiding your outdoor AC unit is to buy some ornamental grasses! Known as a staple of most beaches and nautically themed environments, these plants are the perfect solution to covering your unit. To start, purchase some noninvasive (won’t take over your yard) ornamental grass plants such as Blue Oat Grass and Feather Reed Grass at your local gardening store. Once you pick up the already grown plants, it’s time to place them in decorative pots big enough to create the decorative covering. After you planted the grasses in the pots, place them around the unit — but leave enough room to keep them away from the hot air and for your repairman. This is truly a quick (and simple) solution to adorn your AC unit!

Way #2: Trellis

Looking to add an elegant focal point to your property (and block your outdoor AC unit)? Try implementing a trellis to cover your HVAC system! This classic decorative landscape essential can be purchased at any home improvement store in a variety of designs and heights! Using the same concept as the potted ornamental grasses, it’s important to leave enough room between the trellis and unit. In addition: when the warmer months arrive, you can invest in some trellis-climbing plants to add a splash of color. Some climbing plants include Clematis, Morning Glory, and Climbing Hydrangea, to name a few. Sooner or later, instead of having a bare trellis, you’ll have a wall of gorgeous flowers on your property!

Way #3: Lattice

One of the most classic ways to hide an AC unit is to create a simple fence using lattice. Coming in an array of patterns and finishes, the lattice can simply be acquired at your local home and garden store. In addition, to be manufactured in wood, lattices can also be made from plastic and even metal — depending on where you purchase it. When creating a lattice fence, remember to keep it simple and not to add too much height — since you’ll want to keep the area accessible and not to block the airflow. Building a small lattice fence is a timeless, and beautiful, addition to your home!

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