3 Ways to Heat Your Home for Less this Fall

October 19, 2017


Autumn is the time of year where the leaves begin to fall — and so does the temperature. Despite some warm bursts of air from time to time, the climate will definitely change in the next few weeks. If you’re looking for some ways to heat your home on a budget, then we highly recommend these helpful tips:

Way #1: Keep the Doors Shut

Have some drafty rooms in your home? If so, do you keep the doors open or shut when you’re not occupying them? Poorly insulated rooms can wreak havoc on your home’s heating bill, making it soar to new heights. If you’re trying to keep the heat in one room, start closing all doors to rooms that you’re not currently occupying. Not only will this be an energy efficient solution for your home, but it will also save some money on your heating bill each month.

Way #2: Hang Thick Curtains

Feel as if your windows are letting cold air seep in through your home? Try installing some thick, blackout curtains in your home! Being an inexpensive approach to having your windows replaced, visit your local home goods store and pick up some blackout curtains. Since blackout curtains absorb sunlight, they’ll also act as an inexpensive alternative to insulation, keeping the heat in and locking the cold out. Think about it: it will be reminiscent of having some free, natural heating in your home!

Way #3: Change Your Filters

One of the biggest reasons why heating bills rise is because filters aren’t changed frequently. Depending on the home heating/cooling unit you have installed, you should be changing out your filter every six months (or more). Think of your home filter like this: if it’s clogged, it will make your unit work even harder to produce heat. However, if your filter is clean, it will take less time, energy, and money for the unit to function properly. If you tend to forget when to change your filters, keep a running tab in a notebook of when each was replaced. This will not only be a great way to keep track, but will also help you save money in the process (since you won’t forget to replace your filter)!

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