Natural Ways to Ventilate Your Bathroom

April 18, 2018


Let’s face it: sometimes showers can get too hot — and will
destroy your bathroom over time. Moisture builds up in your bathroom,
causing your walls to perspire and leave room for mold and damage. If
you’re looking for some solutions to this problem, here are a few

Leave the Window Open

Whether the window in your bathroom is small or large, it’s best
to keep it open after a shower. Granted, you don’t want to leave
the window open at all times of the day (hello, nighttime) — but
you want to keep it open wide enough to let air in. The air will help
dry any moisture on the walls and ceiling, keeping your bathroom fresh
and clean. Additionally, you’ll be able to say farewell to any frequent
repainting in the future with this trick!

Bring a Fan Inside

Another trick to help your bathroom ventilate is to bring in a standard
fan after your shower. Believe it or not, using a standard fan in your
commode will help dry the moisture on the walls, keeping your bathroom
clean and moisture-free. Also, another benefit of using a standard fan
in your bathroom will also help you turn any potential mold problems into
a thing of the past. Just always remember: when in doubt, bring in the fan.

Take Cooler Showers

Yes, this might be the simplest trick — but it’s the most efficient.
When taking a shower, it’s tempting to make it as warm as possible.
When this happens on a daily/weekly basis, it will not only dry out your
skin, but it will also create harmful moisture buildup on the walls of
your bathroom and ceiling. The next time you think about taking a scalding
hot shower, keep in mind the many benefits of having a cooler shower temperature.

Make Showers Quicker

Bouncing off of the idea of taking cooler showers, implementing shorter
showers into your hygiene routine not only save your bathroom —
but it will also save some funds on the monthly water bill, too. Showers
should be no more than five minutes — and while keeping that in
mind, a shorter shower will also keep the potential moisture damage at
bay, and away from your walls.

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