Why your Dog Shouldn’t Drink Out of the Toilet

August 14, 2018


Uh, oh: your pooch is nowhere to be found. Pacing around your home, you suddenly pass the bathroom — and see your canine enjoying a ~nice~ drink from the toilet. Sure, you might think this is quite comical — but it’s quite detrimental to the health of your dog. Not sure why? Let us explain:

The Obvious

Of course, a toilet is used for the obvious: going to the bathroom. Although you’ll flush after each use, there is the strong possibility that bacteria will linger around the rim and other internal parts of your “throne.” This, of course, will be a breeding ground — which will make its way onto the tongue of your pooch and will cause harm.

One of the most prominent components found in a toilet is E. Coli. Believe it or not, human feces carries strains of this, as well as other harmful bacteria, which can ultimately endanger the life of your dog. No matter how many times you clean your toilet a week, strains of E. Coli will always be present.

Chemical Cleaners

Another dangerous factor of a dog drinking toilet water is lapping up some chemical cleaner residue. Sure, these household cleaners are supposed to sanitize your bowl and ultimately keep it clean — but the chemical particles can still cling to the bowl and will end up in your dog’s mouth.

Indeed, you can invest in some green cleaning agents (which are better for your plumbing) — but even the residue from those eco-friendly cleaners will end up in your dog’s mouth, which won’t have the best outcome for their health. So, if your dog ends up drinking water from the bowl often, what’s the best way to stop them from doing so?


When it comes to keeping your pooch from drinking water from your “throne,” there are a few solutions to do it successfully. One of the best ways? Keep the bathroom door closed. Of course, this might be a tad annoying — but it will undoubtedly be the best solution for keeping your pooch out of harm’s way.

However, if you’re not fond of keeping the door closed at all times, then it’s best to keep the lid of your toilet bowl closed after each use. This will not only be an excellent solution for making sure your dog is safe — but it will be nearly impossible for them to open the bowl and go for a drink.

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