Before your Guests Arrive, Stock Your Bathroom With these Essentials!

December 18, 2018


Are you expecting overnight company? If so, you’ve probably stocked the fridge, ensured common living spaces are tidy, and put fresh sheets on the guest bed already, but have you showed the same attention to detail in the guest bathroom in preparation for your overnight guests? Of course, it’s tidy — but have you thought about the ways you can make your guests feel welcomed and at ease? Let’s look at some ideas.

Five Tips To Stocking Your Guest Bathroom For Overnight Guests

From oral and personal hygiene and grooming to bathroom duties and inserting contacts, we all know that bathrooms are where most of our everyday rituals take place. Guests, especially if traveling long distances, need a welcoming, functioning, and thoughtful guest bathroom if you want them to indeed be at ease in your home. So, here are five ideas on how to achieve the ultimate guest bathroom before your guests arrive:

1. Have The Essentials Ready And Waiting

Imagine the horror of using the bathroom when you’re a guest in someone’s house and having to dig around or call out for toilet paper. Now, that’s an embarrassment neither host nor guest should endure. So, look around the bathroom and ensure that everything you would typically need is present and easily accessible, including a full and spare roll of toilet paper. Is the hand soap dispenser or dish stocked? Are there several hand towels available? Is there a garbage can with a fresh bag in it? Other considerations:

  • Where’s the toilet plunger?
  • Do you have cleaners and room sprays available in the bathroom?
  • Do you have plenty of guest towels and washcloths in plain sight?
  • Do you have a laundry hamper in the guest bath?
  • Do you have a hairdryer accessible?
  • Is the HVAC vent open, clean, and in good working order?

2. Give It A Deep Clean

Sanitize everything, and, if the bathroom isn’t frequently used, you’ll want to dust hard surfaces and wash upholstery. Don’t forget to wash or replace tired shower curtains. Other considerations include:

  • Check out the tile and grout: is it moldy or dirty? If so, a professional clean might be warranted.
  • Check plumbing: do faucets work, does water drain quickly from basins and tubs, does the shower work without leaks, toilet flush well, and so forth? If not, you may want to call a professional plumber.

3. Make Your Guests Comfy

Order a robe and slippers with “Guest” monogrammed on it. You can wash it and reuse it for future guests, or go ahead and invite your guest to take it home with them.

4. Think About The Amenities Your Guests May Need

Some people travel with all their hygiene items everywhere they go, but today’s airline rules often profoundly limit such toiletries for flying guests. Plus, travelers will almost always forget some essential or find it too bulky to pack. It’s a welcoming gesture to have the extras laid out, such as:

  • Bath soaps
  • New bath sponges
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Toothpaste and a new toothbrush
  • Cotton balls and q-tips
  • Razor
  • Lotion

5. Give Your Bathroom A Fresh And Inviting Atmosphere

While cleanliness and proper working order is imperative for a guest bath, you can make the space feel like part of your home by adding fresh flowers to add color and a pleasant scent. Scented soaps and fragrance diffusers also work well. Some more considerations:

  • Candles
  • Potpourri
  • Bath salts
  • Bath bombs

In conclusion, with these simple five considerations, your guest is sure to feel at home using your guest bathroom. Did you find a plumbing issue in your guest bathroom preparation and guests are due to arrive shortly?

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