How to Make Your Bathroom Smell Fresh

Oh, no: there seems to be a foul smell coming from your bathroom! Of course, this isn’t something out of the ordinary — but it’s somewhat unsettling to have, especially when company is about to arrive! If you’re looking for the best ways to keep your bathroom fresh, then here are some tips to know:

Open the Windows

One of the best ways to rid of any odor in your bathroom is to open the windows! Sure, you don’t want to open them up all the way (for obvious reasons), but it will help purify the air and bring in a fresh breeze.

Believe it or not, sometimes bathrooms aren’t adequately ventilated and can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and odors. When you open the windows in your lavatory, not only are you helping promote positive indoor air quality, but you’re helping your bathroom relieve some of the foul odor.

Burn a Soy Candle

Another great way to eliminate a foul stench in your bathroom is to light a soy candle. These burning wonders are not only a great way to promote a great smell, but they’re good for your indoor air quality — since they don’t emit toxins or chemicals. Additionally, a soy candle will go with any decor since these candles come in a neutral tone.

Of course, when lighting a candle in your home, you want to make sure that you are, in fact, home. This is important because sometimes a flame can go askew and start a fire in your home. Additionally, when lighting a candle, you want to make sure that it’s placed on the counter and away from any towels or paper products since that’s another way a fire could spark.

Have a Vent Installed

Looking for another alternative for a clean, smell-free bathroom? Invest in a bathroom vent. Sure, most newer homes are equipped with this essential device — but many older homes are not.

When you have a bathroom vent installed in your ceiling, it will take away any heat/humidity from a shower and will whisk it away wholly; and the same concept applies to foul smells, too. Also, a bathroom vent will promote good indoor air quality, since it will help air circulate and remain fresh at all possible times.

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