What Temperature Should I set my Attic Fan to in the Summer?

June 14, 2018


Control Your Attic Temperature in Summer

One of the toughest spaces to maintain a consistent temperature is in your attic, especially in the summer.

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Whether it’s the first week of June or the final weeks of summer in September, it seems that this essential space is quite a challenge to keep cool/warm. Of course, all attics are equipped with an attic fan to keep the area comfortable — but what is the ideal temperature to set it to? We’re here to help:

What Temperature Should Attic Fan Be Set At?

Summer is known as the primetime for heat and humidity, this is one of the most important seasons to make sure that your attic fan is adjusted correctly. When it comes to an attic fan's temperature setting, it's best to adjust it to anywhere from 90 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. It's impossible to state a single number because your attic can effortlessly soar above 95 degrees (on average). It’s best to make sure that this attic space doesn’t reach ten degrees above the day’s forecast, as many industry professionals can agree on

The reason why this is important is for two reasons — the first being that it will protect your belongings. Believe it or not, excessive heat and humidity can take a toll on your prized possessions. Whether your possessions are clothing or photo albums, the temperature and humidity will damage a well-preserved item.

The second reason why it’s important to adjust the temperature is that it will preserve your central cooling unit. Sometimes when the heat soars above average in your attic, it can hinder the performance of your A/C, causing it to underwhelm your home with cool air. When the temperature is set correctly, it will not only keep your central air at bay, but it will also keep your home cool when desired.

Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Of course, some environments are much hotter than others — so this will be the perfect time to measure out how warm your attic will get during the most heated of seasons. Remember: as mentioned earlier, you don’t want your attic to reach approximately 10 degrees hotter than outside; adjust accordingly.

If you find that your attic is getting much hotter than it should, even with a fan, then we highly recommend contacting our offices to have your attic inspected and adequately insulated. Not only will this help save money and energy, but it will keep your home comfortable all year long — regardless of the season!

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