Benefits of a Sink Drain Guard

March 27, 2018


We’ve all been there: you’re washing dishes and suddenly, something falls down the drain that wasn’t supposed to. It’s quite startling (and happens more frequently than you think) — but it does happen. If you’re looking for the best way to eliminate this problem, then it may be wise to look into a drain guard — and here’s why:

Prevents “Uh, Oh” Moments

As mentioned earlier, nothing is worse than a non-drain worthy object falling down your plumbing pipes unexpectedly. If you’re prone to drop your ring down the drain or pills, then it may be wise to purchase a drain guard. Usually very inexpensive, a drain guard will be the protection you’re looking for when you’re fumbling around the kitchen at 3 am. It’s also very simple to install, too; just take it out of the package and place it over the drain!

Keeps Your Drain Clog-Free

Don’t have a garbage disposal in your home? Then it may be wise to invest in a drain guard since it will prevent clogs! As it’s known, solid food should never be put (or forced) down any drain in your home. If so, this will cause it to become clogged, create a backup and ultimately create a plumbing nightmare. When you have a drain guard in place, while cleaning the dishes, this will keep any wandering food from escaping down the drain and will be saved in the guard — which will let you toss it in the garbage after you’re done cleaning!

Keeps Your Drain Clean

Nine out of ten times, your drain is coated with debris from chunky liquids and solutions. As a result, it created a build up in your drain — which could result in a terrible smell. When you have a drain guard over your sink drain, this will prevent any future debris buildup and will keep it clean for the weeks and months to come. It’s truly a win-win solution for those that are always cleaning their home!

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