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  • Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill
    Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

    Ah, the summertime! Known as one of the best times of the year, it can also be recognized as one of the most expensive, too. How so? Simply by using too much energy, that is! If you’re looking ways to ...

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  • Simple Bathroom Upgrades
    Simple Bathroom Upgrades

    Fact: usually every bathroom needs a style upgrade. From the paint to the fixtures, the possibilities are endless when it comes to bathroom renovations. Although you might want to change up your ...

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  • Why Barbeques Save Energy
    Why Barbeques Save Energy

    Looking for the best way to save some energy this summer? Sure, you can put your A/C unit on energy saver mode as a start -- but what about using your stove less? That’s right: when you use your stove ...

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  • Summer Window Cooling Hacks
    Summer Window Cooling Hacks

    Believe it or not, a cool home in the summertime starts with your windows! From the sils in your kitchen to that oval window in your bathroom, there are many different transparent features in your ...

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  • Ideas for a Summer Backyard
    Ideas for a Summer Backyard

    Summer is only a few weeks away -- and what better time, than now, to start planning your season! From the pool to barbeques, there are many outdoor activities to be had -- but what about hanging out ...

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  • How to Cool Your Home for Less
    How to Cool Your Home for Less

    Summer is just around the corner and what better way to prepare than with some cooling tips! Granted: an air conditioner will help cool down your home on those hot, scorching days -- but it does ...

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