DIY Bathroom Projects for Summer

May 1, 2018


Summer is just around the corner — and what better way to “let the sunshine in” than with some DIY projects! From decorative focal points to giving your commode a summery makeover, there are plenty of ways to prepare the most popular room in your home for the hot summer sun!

Add Shelves

Looking for a way to give your bathroom some character? Why not add some floating shelves! Depending on the size of the room, you can place floating shelves just about anywhere — it’s completely up to you! One of the most popular areas to place shelves it right above the toilet. Not only will this be a simple project to complete (with pre-made floating shelves), but you’ll also be able to display some fun, beach-themed artifacts up there too. Talk about a welcoming bathroom with a hint of character!

Replace the Shower Curtain

Another simple fix for any bathroom is to change the shower curtain for the season. If you’re tired of purchasing already-made curtains, then you can certainly make your own online! Whether you’re a master at design or want to make a recent vacation photo the center of attention, there are many ways to create the most custom and welcoming shower curtain online. Once you make your masterpiece, submit your order, wait for it to arrive and then hang up your brand new, custom curtain!

Frame Some Photos

When you think of the summer, what comes to mind first? It might be a series of memories at the beach or barbeques in your yard with friends. No matter what your definition of summer is, there are probably some photos that express it perfectly! If the walls of your bathroom are looking a little bare, then framing some photos will be the best solution! To start, go to your local home goods store and find either a large frame, or series of little frames, and purchase them. From there, select your favorite summer memory photos and have them printed out. Next, frame the photos and find space on your walls to hang up these fun memories! You’ll love how much character this will add to your bathroom!

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