Ideas for a Summer Backyard

May 16, 2018


Summer is only a few weeks away -- and what better time, than now, to start planning your season! From the pool to barbeques, there are many outdoor activities to be had -- but what about hanging out in your backyard? Here are some great ideas to transform this vital space into a summer oasis!

Create a Patio

One of the best ways to create an entertainment space in your backyard is to create a patio. Unlike building a deck (which can be somewhat pricey), this is the perfect way to break your yard into sections.

To start, you’ll want to map out the parameters of where you’d like to have your patio. When implementing this step, it’s important to give yourself enough room, and that won’t be overlapping with another essential piece of your yard.

Once the mapping is complete, it’s time to piece together that gorgeous patio! When it comes to materials, you’ll want to find cement slabs (at your local home improvement store), that will be big and sturdy enough to create your space. Next, depending on the shape of the patio, you’ll want to lay the pieces down until your masterpiece comes alive!

Finally, it’s time to place any outdoor furnishings on this incredible structure, to create the most significant entertainment feature in your backyard! You and your guests will be sure to love it!

Make a Firepit Spot

Looking for a reason to spend those gorgeous summer nights outdoors? Why not make a fire pit spot! To start, you’ll need to acquire some concrete patio slabs. Reason? This material will make it safe for you to use your firepit anywhere in your backyard!

Next, take the concrete patio slabs and place them on the ground, in the spot where you’d like to have the firepit. When doing this step, you’ll want them to be a little larger than the dimensions of the firepit, just for safety precautions.

After this step is done, it’s time to prop up the fire pit atop the concrete slabs and center it. Once this is done, it’s time to prop up some lawn chairs around the firepit -- but providing enough distance from “the pit” to keep your guests safe from the flames. Once this is complete, invite some friends over and enjoy a lovely evening around the firepit!

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