Problems Caused By Your Air Ducts

September 10, 2018


Oh, no: it seems that your HVAC unit is causing a ruckus again! Although you regularly schedule maintenance and tune-ups to keep it in tip-top shape, there is a possibility that your air ducts can cause a problem when you least expect it. If you’re not sold on the idea that this could be a possibility, then here are some of the most common air duct-related issues:

Your Home Begins to Smell

One of the most common problems caused by dirty air ducts are foul odors. You know it well: your home will smell clean and dandy throughout the summer — but once you turn your central air off in the fall, your home may start to smell like pet dander. Granted, you may need to give your dog or cat a bath — but it’s most likely the result of pet hair caught in the air ducts.

Of course, if you’re looking to keep your home smelling fresh 24/7, then it’s essential to have your air ducts cleaned regularly — and we can certainly help. Additionally, it’s necessary to replace your air filter every two-to-three months. This will not only improve your unit work efficiently, but it will also keep any foul smells at bay.

You’ll Hear Strange Sounds

Do you ever hear things that go bump in the night or at all times of the day? Well, it turns out that there aren’t any “monsters” in your home, but rather your air ducts are causing the racket. Sure enough, your air ducts could start to deteriorate over time, which will begin those ~strange~ noises throughout your home.

Indeed, the best way to avoid any cracks from forming is to schedule maintenance, regularly, to keep your unit in the best shape possible. Of course, even the most well-preserved units can begin to deteriorate — but if you stay on top of the “health” of your air ducts, then you’ll be reaping the benefits of your investment!

Your Home Won’t Cool Down

Believe it or not, if you neglect your air ducts over time, they’ll stop delivering cold air. Just like failing to give the pizza delivery man a tip, the pizza you’re patiently awaiting won’t bother to show up — and the same applies to your unit. Not only is it essential to have your air ducts cleaned regularly, but it’s imperative to keep them clean — since it could damage your unit in the long run.

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