Before the Summer Heat Arrives, Here's How to Keep Your Bedroom Cool

April 29, 2019


As summer approaches, the temperature outside has begun to rise here in Southaven. Of course, you want to keep cool, but you're not quite ready to start running your air conditioner all day (since that could be a tad expensive). So, what can you do to stay cool without heavily relying on your AC, especially when you’re trying to obtain a good night’s rest?

Set Your Ceiling Fan Counterclockwise

When your ceiling fan runs in the opposite direction, it creates a wind tunnel that can funnel and push cool air downward. This will keep your room cool, helping you stay quite comfortable as you sleep.

Invest in Room Darkening Shades

Blackout curtains, or blinds, can reduce the amount of heat transfer through any window, keeping your bedroom as cool as possible. Additionally, darker rooms also help you sleep better, and thick shades (or curtains) can also help muffle traffic, barking dogs and yowling cats that wake you up in the middle of the night.

Hang a Damp Sheet in the Doorway

Believe it or not, this summer cooling solution actually dates back to ancient Egypt. Egyptians used to hang damp reeds in the windows of their homes. As the water evaporated from the reeds, the room became much more refreshing.

You can do the same when you dampen a thin sheet, in cool water, and hang it from the doorway of your bedroom. Just make sure not to drench the sheet, since it could cause a slipping hazard when you first hang it up.

Put Your Pillowcase in the Freezer

Place your favorite pillowcase in the freezer for a few hours, before bedtime, so you can sleep on a refreshing, icy pillow!

Another helpful tip? Make sure you also switch your bed sheets and blankets from heavy, thermal winter fabrics to light, airy ones like cotton and linen.

Keep Your Home Comfortable All Year Long

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