Signs Your Washing Machine Drain Needs a Clearing

August 28, 2019


You may not think that you'll ever have to call a plumber for your washing machine, but a drain clog can lead to massive backup that may cause leaks and possible flooding. Since washing machines connect to your home's drain line and use your water supply to operate, a plumber is the perfect person to call when you run into trouble.

If your washing machine isn't working as well as it used to, use these signs to assess the situation and determine whether or not you should reach out for a drain clearing service.

You Notice an Error Code

Some machines will display an error code on their digital interface that you can look up in the user manual. In most cases, the error code will outline the specific problem, making it easier for you to explain the issue to a plumber or repair it yourself.

Water Doesn’t Appear or Drain Normally

Paying close attention to how your washing machine functions during a regular cycle will help you pinpoint whether you have a problem with your drain pipe. If the machine turns on and you hear the sound of the water pump, but no actual water appears, then you most likely have a clogged drain hose.

The hose can be removed from the back of the machine and be checked for any dirt or dust that may have created a blockage. Additionally, the hose may also be worn out and might simply need to be replaced if your machine is heavily used or is up there in age.

Your Machine Sounds Overworked

If, on the other hand, your washing machine sounds like it's struggling just to stay on, then you probably have an issue with your drain pump.

The pump supplies your washing machine with the water it needs to operate, and if it becomes obstructed by fabric or dirt, then your machine may still work, but it will sound like it's under a tremendous strain even with only a few items in the machine.

To check your drain pump, first shut off your machine and allow it to drain. Then, remove the panel in the back to assess the pump. Keep in mind that a washing machine pump clog can also move to your pipes, which you'll need to have inspected by a professional to avoid accidental damages.

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