How to Create Shade in Your Backyard

Whether your backyard is big or small, it can sometimes seem like a struggle to find shade during the summer — especially if your backyard is completely bare. If you’re looking for some ways to beat the heat and enjoy the comfort of your property, here are some ways to create shade with ease:

Purchase an Umbrella

You might have seen this suggestion coming, but it’s true — a gigantic umbrella will really help make a difference. Whether you’re purchasing one for the center of your outdoor dining table or you’re looking into a free-standing model that can be placed anywhere, umbrellas are still one of the best means of blocking out those harmful rays and keeping you cool all season long.

Plant Trees

While you might not be able to see results instantly, it is truly the most helpful of solutions. Trees are an excellent way to not only cast shade, but they can also add character and depth to any yard. Speaking of the phrase “long-term,” you’ll want to carefully plan out where you’ll plant each tree since roots can continue to grow and cause extensive damage to pipes that are below the ground. Before planting, it’s best to call 811; they’ll be able to tell you which areas you should avoid placing a tree on your property!

Build a Gazebo

Another excellent way to bring some shade to your backyard is to have a gazebo built. These outdoor structures not only fit perfectly in any space they’re implemented in, but they will also make for a beautiful spot to relax, unwind, and hold a conversation. The best part about a gazebo? You can have them constructed to match your home — which makes for the perfect custom accessory for your backyard!

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