What Every Gardener Should Know About Your Property

Just like a painting, it can be a breeze for a gardener to transform any property from drab to fab. However, putting plants where you think they’d look best could also be a cause for concern, especially if you don’t know what lies below the soil. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just recently acquired a green thumb, these are some gardening tips that everyone should know.

Don’t Plant Too Close to the AC Compressor

Although some central air conditioning compressors may not be the most visually appealing, it’s important not to block them. Sometimes, a bush or shrub can be planted directly in front of them, and in a matter of months, that foliage can make its way into the compressor’s metal fins — which happens to be a major safety hazard. No matter what the plant may be, keep the area around your compressor as clear as possible! If you do want to dress up the area, then it would be best to plant in large pots that can be moved at any time!

Be Mindful of Where you Plant Trees

Believe it or not, it’s simple to plant a tree on a property without thinking about what’s lingering below the soil. While a tree might seem harmless, over time, the tree roots can grow deeper into the ground and find their way into your sewer pipe and cause turmoil. Since the process of removing tree roots can be rather expensive and time-consuming, it’s best to always scout out the land before planting. If you’re not sure what’s underneath the soil, make sure to call 811, first, so they can tell you what lies below and where you’ll be good to go.

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