The Benefits of Opening Up the Windows

March 26, 2019


Typically in spring, you’ll encounter bouts of sunshine, warm breezes, and bursts of flowers. Granted, there may be a sprinkle or rain every now and then, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing one of the most important “tasks” in spring — opening the windows! Of course, turning on the air conditioner is great, but it’s even better to let some fresh air inside. Here are some reasons why you should start making a habit of this:

Circulates the Air

Sometimes, the indoor air quality in a home can suffer when the windows are shut for an extended period of time (such as during the winter). From dust and various forms of airborne debris, your home may need a little bit of fresh air to solve the problem at hand.

Within a matter of minutes, opening the windows will help naturally carry most contaminants out of the air and into the wild. Not only will you sense a difference in air quality, but your home will feel fresh and comfortable, more so than ever before!

Saves Energy

Think about it: when there’s a little bit of heat or humidity outside, do you run to open the windows or turn on your air conditioner, first? While most homeowners would rather opt to use their HVAC system, there are many benefits to choosing to open the windows, instead.

Besides helping your indoor air quality, opening the windows will (you guessed it), help keep your home cool for a fraction of the budget. Granted, if a breeze is nonexistent outside, then by all means, crank up that AC. However, if there are a few gusts of wind here and there, then opening windows (and turning on the ceiling fan, if you have one; but use it sparingly), will certainly keep any room cool, calm and crisp, for a fraction of the cost!

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