The Downsides of Dry Air in your Home

March 6, 2019


It's natural for your home's air quality to fluctuate throughout the year. In the cold winter months, drafts and dry air aren't uncommon. Usually, a humidifier can help add some moisture to the air and make your home more comfortable, but prolonged dry air can have some adverse health effects.

When your home's humidity is unbalanced for prolonged periods of time, you become susceptible to disease, illness, and damages. Here are a few of the consequences of low humidity as well as some tips on how to improve your home's dry air.

Low Humidity Can Cause Sinus and Skin Problems

When the air is too dry, your body pays the price. Inadequate humidity causes the nasal passages to become dry, which can lead to discomfort and even make you susceptible to nosebleeds. Breathing discomfort can also make it hard to fall or stay asleep.

Dry air can also impact skin conditions and cause flare-ups of eczema or worsen acne. In addition to proper skin care including moisturizer, a humidifier can help you dampen the air and make breathing more comfortable, especially at night.

Property Damage

Dry air effects everything in your home. Wood floors creak more, wood furniture breaks more easily and musical instruments can even lose their shape or tune. You may notice that book pages and other paper documents are more brittle, wrinkled and tear easily than normal.

Dry Air Remedies

There are some temporary, DIY dry air fixes you can try at home. A personal humidifier is the easiest and most obvious route, but pay close attention to its filter. Running on your humidifier too much can cause bacteria and dirt to collect in the filer, leading to bacteria and mold.

You can boil some pots of water and leave them to steam around the house, releasing moisture into the air. Of course, no one wants to have bowls and buckets sitting around all day, especially if they have kids or pets that can easily knock them over.

If you suspect that drafts are the cause of your dry air, consider weatherstripping and other winterizing techniques like thermal curtains and re-caulking window and door frames.

You may also want to talk to a professional. Sometimes, chronic dry air needs more than just a Google solution.

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