How to Keep a Bathroom Counter Clean

May 23, 2019


If you’re like most homeowners who are on the go, you might find
that your bathroom countertop gets a tad messy, quickly. Unlike picking
up a pile of dirty clothing and placing it in a nearby hamper, it may
be a tad tougher to hide a mess made up of many small objects: a hairbrush,
disposable razor, makeup, and so much more. However, there’s hope:
if you’re looking to clean up the mess on your countertop, here’s
how to keep it tidy.

First, Declutter

Before jumping into the actual cleaning aspect, you’ll want to declutter
your countertop. Take all loose items and organize them by category. If
you feel that something doesn’t serve a purpose as it once did,
then it’s important to dispose of it properly. Another tip that
you may want to take into consideration is removing any decorative features
off your countertop that can easily collect dust and debris. Once you
complete these steps and your counter is clear, it’s time to get
to the cleaning!

Next, Start Cleaning

To effectively clean your countertop, you’ll want to obtain a microfiber
cleaning cloth, followed by a “green” cleaning agent. Once
you acquire these materials, spray a small amount of cleaner on the counter
and start wiping it down from top to bottom. After that’s complete,
let the surface dry before placing any objects back on top.

Lastly, Reorganize

Before you start back at square one, it’s important to strategize
what you place back on your bathroom countertop. Instead of placing every
little thing back on top, you’ll only want to place items of importance.
This can include but is not limited to, a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder,
tissue box holder, and more. Anything that can collect dust, or isn’t
used daily, can be stored away in either under the countertop, the medicine
cabinet, or a nearby hall closet.

Finally, to keep your countertop clean, you’ll want to be conscious
of what you place on there and how often you wipe it down. Ideally, about
every two weeks will be the perfect time frame to tidy up.

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