Inexpensive Ways to Change Your Bathroom's Appearance This Summer

One of the best ways to prepare your bathroom for summer is to change up its appearance! From floor to ceiling, there are a multitude of ways you can give it a brand new look — but that could get a little costly if you tend to ignore your budget. If you’re looking to make those upgrades for a fraction of the cost, here are some ways to make that happen:

Update Hardware

A small detail that usually goes unnoticed is the hardware that you have in your bathroom. Whether it’s the doors beneath a vanity sink or the medicine cabinet above, sometimes the hardware might have seen better days, thanks to constant use. If you’re looking to make a small, noticeable difference, then updating the hardware will be one of the simplest, most economical choices to make.

For most hardware changes, it’s as simple as having a screwdriver, screwback handles/knobs from the hardware store, and patience; that’s it. Once the job is complete, you’ll be amazed at how this little detail adds such a huge breath of fresh air to your bathroom!

Change Floor Accessories

Do you happen to have a bath mat or removable rug in your bathroom? If that’s the case, then replacing these essentials will make a huge, visible impact! If you’re looking to take things up a notch, you can attempt to create your own bath mat! Whether that entails smooth, spa-like stone or old wine bottle corks, there are many different ways you can craft the perfect bath mat to place in your bathroom on a budget!

Refinish Wood Accents

Whether it’s your vanity sink or the wooden picture frame on the wall, another simple, inexpensive way to change up a bathroom’s appearance is to refinish any wooden features. From a darker stain to painting them a bolder color, refinishing wood is something that any homeowner will be able to tackle over the course of a day and reap the visual benefits for a lifetime!

Do You Want to Upgrade Your Plumbing in the Process?

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