The Importance of Vacuuming Your Home Often

November 15, 2019


Whether your home has carpeting or hardwood flooring, there’s one everyday chore that all homeowners dread: vacuuming. And while this is the best way to keep your living space clean, it can also be a tad daunting — especially if you live in a large home.

However, this task isn’t only to remove visible debris, but more importantly, the dander that’s invisible to the human eye. That being said, here’s why you should make vacuuming a weekly chore:

The Benefits of Vacuuming Frequently

Removes Dead Skin Cells

As it’s known, skin plays a huge role on the human body. And since the epidermis is continuously evolving, it sheds off older cells quite frequently. It’s said that a human sheds a little over 1 million skin cells each hour, which is quite a lot if you think about it.

When this happens, the dead cells fall into carpeting, as well as go airborne — this bogs down your indoor air quality in the process. Running a vacuum cleaner over your flooring (and a handheld attachment on your furniture), weekly, will be extremely beneficial in removing a bulk of the shedding.

Extracts Dirt

The minute you arrive home and walk through the front door, do you take your shoes off or do you continue to trek inside with them on? Well, if you opt to do the latter, that can be a problem. Typically, footwear brings undesirable amounts of dirt and other debris into your house, transferring it all onto your flooring with each step you take.

If you have asthma or suffer from indoor allergies, all of that newly found debris can cause discomfort. That being said, vacuuming is the best solution to the problem at hand. Running your machine over the floor a few times a week will help extract a majority of “the great outdoors” and improve your indoor environment.

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