Helpful Green Plumbing Tips to Know

October 24, 2019


When you own a home, there are many different tasks that you take on day-to-day. From cleaning your kitchen to changing your HVAC filter, the list goes on and on — however, what about taking up some green plumbing habits? In an effort to conserve water, here are some simple ways you can make the change in your home!

Green Plumbing 101

Take Shorter Showers

When you typically take a shower, how long would you say it lasts? Well, if it’s anywhere over five minutes, then you could be wasting much more water than you realize — something that no homeowner wants to do. To help cut back on your H2O usage, start timing your showers with either a smartphone, stopwatch, or portable kitchen timer to keep your stint in the shower much shorter.

Check for Leaks

Whether your home has been around for quite some time or was just recently built, it’s possible that you may find a leaky faucet or pipe. And while that seems like such a small, minuscule thing, it’s actually something that can waste much more water than you realize.

Especially if there’s a hidden plumbing leak residing in your home — there’s a chance for not only water waste but even the formation of mold (if it happens to be in a dark area with poor ventilation). That being said, if you suspect a leak, or notice one, have it repaired right away — because it can help conserve water and keep your monthly utility bill to a minimum.

Upgrade to Low-Flow Fixtures

Whether it’s a showerhead, faucet, or toilet, there’s typically a low-flow fixture that can replace your current model. Now, unlike standard plumbing fixtures that use a large amount of water (per use), low-flow fixtures use about 20% less water — which saves much more H2O than you think!

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