Keep These Halloween Plumbing Tips Nearby

October 2, 2019


Plumbing problems during Halloween? More likely than you’d think. This season doesn’t just involve trick-or-treating and pumpkin picking. Some activities you participate in for the big holiday can cause serious issues for you and your pipes! Here are some important tips to keep in mind to avoid any dreadful clogs.

1. Proper Pumpkin Disposal

Pumpkin carving for Halloween is a long-standing tradition for most families. However, it can get pretty messy. Avoid dumping the pumpkin “guts” and seeds down your garbage disposal. The material can harden over time and ruin the drain. The strings can also get tangled in the blades; never a good thing!

2. Get Rid of Candy Wrappers Properly

Some of your favorite candies just happen to have clear packaging. Avoid accidentally discarding these wrappers somewhere they shouldn’t go (your plumbing fixtures)! Dispose of them properly by putting them in the trash instead. If they end up down either your toilet or sink drain, they can cause serious clogs.

3. Safe Makeup Removal

Some face paints for Halloween end up being grease-based. But, they should not be washed off in your sink! Grease-based makeup can slow your drains and cause build up over time. It will stick to the sides of your pipes, especially if you have a lot on. Use a disposable makeup wipe for your costume cosmetics instead!

4. Don’t Just Put Anything Down the Disposal

If you’re hosting a spooky-fun Halloween party, you’ll want to keep a close eye on what gets put down your garbage disposal. Grease, fat, and other tricky substances should be put in the trash instead. Otherwise, you will experience some irritating plumbing problems. And you don’t want to have to deal with that at your party!

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