Helpful Ways to Fix a Slow Sink Drain

We’ve all been there: you’re washing your hands in your bathroom sink and all of a sudden, the water doesn’t drain as quickly as it once did. And while this is usually a common plumbing problem to happen over time, it can also be classified as one of the most frustrating to have on your hands.

Since you never want to use a chemical drain cleaner to solve the issue (because that can cause long term pipe damage), here are some great ways to help alleviate the problem:

Clean Off the Pop-up

When you look at your bathroom sink, there’s typically a pop-up located in the drain. This essential piece helps stop various items from falling down the drain (and can keep the sink filled if needed).

But it also has a reputation for preventing "clingable" debris (i.e., hair, toothpaste) from making their way into the pipe — which usually creates a blockage on the elongated part of the pop-up, attached to the bottom of the stopper. If you feel as if this might be the case, then it’s best to remove the pop-up and clean it off.

Before you attempt to remove it, you’ll have to loosen the pop-up nut which is located right under the sink basin, typically behind the pipe. After loosened, remove the pop-up and clean all lingering debris that’s on it. Then, once complete, put it back in place, secure the nut, and you should be good to go!

Use an Enzyme Drain Cleaner

As mentioned earlier, chemical cleaners aren’t something that should be used in your home. If you do happen to use chemical drain cleaners, there’s a chance that they’ll deteriorate the inside of your plumbing pipes, which can cause a plumbing nightmare if the problem isn’t caught in time.

Now, when you opt to use an enzyme-based cleaner, it will help clean the drain pipe efficiently, but it will take some time. The enzyme solution is the best choice since the enzymes contain cultures that clear away any “pests” that linger in your pipes safely. And once the enzyme cleaner has had enough time to work, you’ll notice a big difference in the way water drains in your sink (and it will be for the better)!

However, if the Clog Still Won’t Go Away, Give us a Call!

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