Why Spring Cleaning is Good for your Physical and Mental Health

April 14, 2020


Spring is here, and even though this year is different in a lot of ways, one important spring ritual that can feel normal is a full-home deep clean. This is a great way to get your mind off of the COVID-19 crisis while improving your home life during social distancing. Here are some of the biggest benefits of spring cleaning for your physical and mental health.

Control Over Your Environment

During this tough time, it’s hard to feel in control. Luckily, studies have shown we feel more at ease, productive, and creative when we have a clear workspace. The same holds true for your entire home.

Ability to Breathe More Easily

Dust accumulates around your house in the winter. If you don't take the time to get rid of it, you are asking for your allergies to flare up. Pollen is another culprit that can rear its ugly head in the spring for people who suffer from allergies. If you want to get rid of all of the dust and pollen, cleaning off your hard surfaces and vacuuming carpets and upholstered items will help. But you should also have your ductwork cleaned out so that your air conditioner isn't pushing more dust in the air when spring and summer arrive.

While spring cleaning has been a tradition for hundreds of years, this year is special. Cleaning can give us a special project to work on during this tough time and we hope it can divert your mind from what’s happening in the news. Be safe and wash your hands!

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