Decorate Your Home Safely

Man on a ladder

One of the joys of the holiday season is decorating your home with shiny ornaments and twinkling lights. A beautifully-decorated home brings a festive feel both inside and out. However, climbing ladders and running extension cords can present risks to both you and your home. Every homeowner must exercise caution when getting ready for the holidays.

Trees and Greens

The National Fire Protection Association reports that fire departments respond to an average of 160 Christmas tree fires each year. If you are decorating with a live tree or other natural greens, remember to keep them well-watered through the season. When a dry tree catches fire, it burns quickly.

Candle Care

In many cultures, burning candles are part of the traditional decorating scheme for the season. A live flame encourages a cozy atmosphere. However, candle flames always bring the risk of fire. Only light candles when someone is present to enjoy them. Use battery-powered candles around young children and as window decorations.

Ladders and Lights

It is a joyful experience to drive through a neighborhood with lights on every house. In the winter months, watch for ice as you move your ladder from place to place. Also, it is always best to have someone spot you as you decorate. They can hold the ladder steady and get help right away if there is a problem. Before you start stringing, be certain to choose lights designed for outdoor use.

Overburdened Electrical Outlets

Many families enjoy putting inflatable decorations and light displays on their front lawns. Don't power too many decorations off the same outlet; it can lead to a broken circuit or, at the worst, an electrical fire.

The holidays should be a time of joyful celebration. With a little caution, you can keep them both safe and beautiful. If you have any questions about how to keep your home comfortable this holiday season, contact our team today!