How to Help Cut Back on Dust in Your Home

How to Help Cut Back on Dust in Your Home

One of the most put-off tasks for any homeowner is cleaning their living space. Whether it’s large or small, tidying up your home can be quite daunting. However, if you do find yourself cleaning more often than you’d like to, all to eliminate dust, here are some ways you can help cut back on its presence in your home!

Always Wash Your Sheets

Believe it or not, it’s essential to wash your bedding on a weekly basis. In fact, your bedding can not only accumulate large amounts of dust, but it can even harvest dead skin cells, stray hair follicles, and more. By tossing your sheets in the wash more often, you’ll find that it will make a difference in your living space!

Vacuum Often

Another task that many put off is vacuuming their home regularly. And whether your home has hardwood floors or wall-to-wall carpeting, running your machine over the floor a few times a week has its perks. Especially when it comes to carpeting, dust, dander, and other undesirable particles get trapped in the fibers and linger around for long periods of time.

And especially if you have a vacuum cleaner that has a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, this special filter is said to pick up approximately 99.7% of particles in your home — which is a huge perk for anyone who suffers from indoor allergies!

Downsize the Clutter

Does every surface in your home happen to have an array of trinkets and treasures? While that adds a personal touch to any room (and helps keep fond memories alive), those little figurines all collect dust — which makes the task of cleaning even more daunting and detailed for a homeowner.

While it may be hard to do, for sentimental purposes, try to downsize the number of trinkets you have on a shelf or counter in your home. Then, once you’ve narrowed down which are staying, those that are not sticking around can either be put away in storage or donated, if you’re looking to give them away.

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