What's the Best Way to Clean Tile?

February 26, 2020

Let’s face it: It can be somewhat daunting to clean tile in your home. Whether these glistening slabs are installed in your bathroom or kitchen, you might feel as if no matter what you do, they’re not clean enough. However, here are some helpful tips that will make the process much more simplified (and rewarding)!

Simple Ways to Clean Tile

Start at the Top

Before you dive into cleaning your tiles, it’s essential always to work your way down. The reason being is this: When you spray cleaner, it runs down the tilework — no matter what amount you use. And when that happens, if you were to start at the bottom of the tile, you’ll find yourself re-cleaning it after you wipe down the top portion — not something anyone wants to look forward to.

Steam Approach

Are you thinking about wiping down the tilework in your bathroom? Well, if that restroom is equipped with a shower — then it’s time to put your showerhead to work! Before wiping down the tile, take a tile-safe cleaning agent and spray a little bit on each tiled surface that needs to be cleaned (except your floor, since that could be dangerous; clean it separately).

Next, let the shower heat up for a few minutes; this will help soften any stubborn buildup on tilework. Once there’s a little bit of steam (you don’t want your bathroom to look and feel like a sauna), turn the water off and start wiping down your surfaces. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much cleaner your tiles will be!

Use Dish Soap

Whether you’re cleaning tile in either your bathroom or kitchen if the tile is crafted from ceramic (or porcelain), put the sprayable cleaning agent away and use soap — dish soap, that is! Believe it or not, taking a microfiber cloth, some standard dish soap, and hot water will give your tiles a glimmering finish — something that can be accomplished in any home!

Did you Run Into a Plumbing Problem While Cleaning?

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