Different Uses for Coffee Grounds

January 6, 2020


Believe it or not, there are a series of benefits when it comes to coffee grounds! Besides having the power to caffeinate you in the morning, these fragrant remnants can actually be helpful around your home! From cleaning to deodorizing, the possibilities are endless!

Without further ado, here’s how you can repurpose those helpful little particles of caffeine:

How to Use Coffee Grounds Around Your Home

Remove Strong Odors

Let’s face it: strange, lingering odors will pop up when you least expect them to — especially in odd areas. Whether that be your refrigerator or a drawer in your bedroom, nothing is off-limits. However, using coffee grounds as a natural deodorizer will help greatly!

It has been discovered that if you put either a bowl of coffee grounds in your fridge or fill up a pair of old, clean socks with them and place them in a drawer, these beans will help absorb any lingering odors they come across. Plus, who wouldn’t want the pleasant aroma of freshly ground coffee drifting around their home?

Encourage Plant Growth

If you like to garden throughout the warmer months of the year, then you’ll be pleased to know that coffee grounds can help fertilize plant growth! Since many gardens may not contain essential nutrients to maximize the potential growth of plants and vegetables, coffee grounds are the key that will unlock gardening success!

To reap the benefits of a hearty garden, take coffee grounds and evenly distribute them around the soil in your garden. This will help fertilize your greens and will make a noticeable difference!

Clean Your Sink

Sometimes, a sink can have an array of things that will build up in it. Whether that be soap scum or toothpaste, the possibilities are endless — and aren’t appealing to any homeowner. However, instead of opting for harsh chemicals, it would be wise to look into coffee grounds!

Since they’re a bit abrasive and believed to have antibacterial properties, you can take coffee grounds and gently clean your sink — as long as it’s not porous (that can cause damage). Doing this will help get those tough stains out and make the surface sparkling and shining!

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