Why You Should Get a New HVAC System this Year

January 2, 2020


If you’re looking to make a few upgrades around your home this new year, the possibilities are endless. From painting your living room a new color to completely renovating your bathroom, any change can make a huge difference — but what about replacing your current HVAC system?

Sure, your unit might seem to be working just fine, but there are many benefits to consider if you opt for a new one. Not sure what those entail? Here are a few wonderful things to keep in mind:

The Benefits of Upgrading a Residential HVAC Unit

Improved Features for Efficiency

Nowadays, technology seems to be “running the show” in many homes across the country. From refrigerators that can play internet radio playlists to window treatments that can be opened/closed with the push of a button, the possibilities are endless. However, there is one incredible feature that many newer HVAC systems are equipped with, which is loved by many: a smart thermostat.

With the capability of being completely controlled from a smartphone or tablet, homeowners are able to adjust their HVAC unit no matter where they are in the world — as long as they have WiFi/data! Another perk of having a smart thermostat? Many systems will alert you when they either encounter a performance problem or need a filter change. This is another excellent way to help any homeowner, who’s always on the go, maintain their HVAC unit with ease and help it run much more efficiently!

Helps Increase a Home’s Value

While you might not have any intention of moving at the moment, having a new HVAC unit installed will help increase your home’s value. In fact, in today’s market, many potential buyers are looking to purchase a house that is already equipped with a central HVAC unit.

Not only will this mean less work for them when they move in, but they won’t have to feel obligated to bring/purchase portable air conditioners and heaters — which is always a plus.

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