Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

July 20, 2020


Your home's landscaping is a costly expense, especially maintenance. In Mississippi, the climate is warm and humid all year long. This means that most plants require a great deal of watering. To avoid spending a fortune on your monthly water bills, it is best to select plants and a layout that tolerates drought conditions.

Choose Plants that Require Little Water

There are certain plants that thrive in drought conditions.

  • Aloe. Aloe is a flowering succulent that does not demand a large amount of water to survive. There are many varieties of this plant, so color ranges from gray to light green.

  • Fountain Grass. This ornamental plant grows fast and has an attractive purple-red color.

  • Geraniums. Geraniums are hardy plants that bloom with colorful clumps of flowers. These items live a long time and are simple to propagate.

  • Lavender. This purple flower emits a lovely aroma into your landscaping and requires little water to survive.

Add Hardscape

When creating a landscape with plants that require little water, it is wise to incorporate a variety of textures into your garden. Mixing plants with hardscape like rocks, stones, or bricks will add curb appeal and lower maintenance needs.

When you are trying to save money around your home, using drought-tolerant landscaping is a smart step. Besides the outdoors, you should consider ways to save money indoors as well. At Mitch Wright Plumbing and Heating, we can save you even more money on your utility bills. For example, we offer air conditioning services, including air duct repairs. When your ductwork is free of cracks and leaks, your A/C system will not need to run as long or as hard to cool your home. This leads to lower energy costs.

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