New Home HVAC Inspection Tips

July 22, 2020


When you're shopping for a home, ensuring that your HVAC system is properly working is a top priority. After all, HVAC repairs can cost a pretty penny. Here are a few HVAC inspection tips to heed before you sign that mortgage note.

Get Some Documentation

The most important thing to know about your HVAC system is how old it is and who installed or worked on it at any point. Ask for receipts and warranties on everything from duct cleaning to coil replacement before you give the go-ahead.

Verify Thermostat Accuracy

A quality digital thermometer will help you to test the temperatures of rooms once the HVAC system is running. If you don't observe consistent cooling throughout the home, there's a good chance that something's wrong.

Inspect the HVAC Filters

It's incredibly important to change an HVAC system's filters on a regular basis. Air filters should be changed at least once a year. Take a look at your prospective home's HVAC filters and take note of their condition.

Be on the Lookout for Leaks

A good HVAC system shouldn't leak or slough off a lot of liquid. Make sure to look at the condensate drain pipe for clogs right away. In addition, inspecting the central unit for refrigerant leaks is crucial.

Administer a Basic Smell Test

Malfunctioning HVAC systems produce a variety of odors that imply specific problems. For instance, a musty smell indicates an accumulation of moisture somewhere in the system. Meanwhile, a burnt plastic smell can suggest a serious electrical problem.

Protect Your Investment With Mitch Wright Air

If you doubt the health of an HVAC system, it's best to perform a professional inspection. At Mitch Wright Air of Southaven, we take pride in our ability to smoke out HVAC problems ASAP.

Just fill out our form online or call us at (901) 795-9044 to schedule an appointment. Our pros are trained in cleanliness and will exercise the utmost care and caution while assisting you.



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