Why Closing Your AC Vents is a Mistake

July 20, 2020


Many homeowners will, with good intentions, close off vents to unoccupied rooms so that when summer hits, they can save money on their cooling bill. Unfortunately, this is a bit of bad advice that you can still find floating around on the Internet. Closing air conditioning vents does more harm than good. Our HVAC pros will explain the reasons why!

Leaks in the Air Ducts

The first problem is that closed vents build up pressure in the air ducts. Air duct leaks are exceedingly common. With built-up pressure, your leaks will worsen and waste more energy. Having the ducts sealed can help, but few homeowners do this, and besides, not every leak can be detected. The more pressurized the air is, the more it will escape through those leaks before even reaching your other rooms.

Stress on the AC

Pressure in the ducts forces the AC to work harder to achieve your desired temperature, which means more repairs in the future and a shorter life span for your AC. In particular, the compressor and blower motor will be hit hard. Both can be costly to replace.

Inefficient Cooling

By closing the vents, you reduce the amount of air that returns to the air handler. Inside that unit is an evaporator coil whose job is to absorb heat from the air so that what comes out is cold. With less of this heated air coming through, the evaporator coil is liable to freeze over, and then you'll have nothing but lukewarm air circulating.

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