Why Your Home Smells Musty

July 20, 2020


When you notice a funky odor, you can usually follow your nose to the source. Whether it’s your son’s gym socks or a garbage bin that’s overdue for a dump, the problem is usually easy to solve. What happens when you can’t determine the source of the stink?

A Musty Situation: Does Your Home Have a Leaky Pipe?

If the smell you’re noticing reminds you of must or mildew, you might have a plumbing issue on your hands. This type of odor can be a sign of a leaky pipe.

When a pipe begins to leak, the water will seep into the surrounding materials. Mold and mildew thrive under such conditions. Since leaks can begin slowly, this smell is often the first indicator of the problem.

Other indicators of a leaky pipe include:

  • Hearing running water despite all taps and hoses on the property being off.

  • A higher-than-usual water bill.

  • Spots or stains appearing on your walls, floor, or ceiling.

If you do have a leak, it’s crucial not to waste time. Repairs will need to be made immediately to prevent the problem from growing worse. Water damage can be quite expensive. Plus, the mold created by the moisture can cause health problems, especially for those who suffer from conditions like asthma.

Get Help from the Professionals: Contact Mitch Wright Plumbing

Being a homeowner has many benefits, but worrying about home maintenance isn’t one of them. If you need help figuring out the source of the musty smell inside your home, contact the professionals. The team at Mitch Wright Plumbing, Heating & Air is happy to help. We’ll get to the bottom of the problem and correct it, restoring the environment inside your home.

Just fill out our form online or call us at (901) 795-9044 to schedule an appointment. Our pros are trained in cleanliness and will exercise the utmost care and caution while assisting you.



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