Plumbing Emergency Checklist

May 20, 2020

When plumbing disasters strike, the potential for serious property damage is high. Knowing what to do in the seconds and minutes after the incident occurs is incredibly important. Be sure to do the following when a pipe bursts or a sump pump fails.

Kill the Water Supply

When pipes spring a leak, blocking the primary source of water is key. Switching off the main valve works if you're on municipal water. If you have a private well, turn off the well pump circuit breaker.

Take the Pressure Off

Opening faucets and showerheads to reduce internal pipe pressure is the next logical step. This will reduce the amount of spilled water during the repair period. Drywall and flooring is a pain to replace once it's waterlogged.

Power Down Heat Sources

Operating water heaters without water in them is a bad idea. Switching off the breaker that powers your heater tank is critical. Cut off the fuel feeding your tank if it's powered by propane or natural gas.

Absorb Leaks Where You Can

Once you've identified a leak source, it's time to keep water from spilling out. A few hose clamps and a rag or two work wonders. Short-term fixes will help you to rapidly repair pipes later on.

Call an Expert Quickly

Contacting a trained technician is imperative once a plumbing disaster is under control. If you can't solve the problem yourself, professional help is a wise investment. Get on the horn immediately and call in a trustworthy plumber.

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