Keep Your Drains Clear

Freely flowing drain

The consequences of a clogged drain can range from merely gross to downright catastrophic. Luckily for us, clogged drains are pretty easy to prevent with good care and maintenance. Here is what you need to know.

1. Greasy grime

Never dump grease down the drain. As warm grease slips into the pipes, it cools and solidifies into a sticky, gunk-catching clog until the drain is blocked. Instead, collect grease in a container that you can dispose of once it is full.

2. Trash the trash

Many people dispose of food debris down the sink or even the toilet, but all that organic matter can lead to a clog. Compost, recycle, or throw away as appropriate, and keep your drains for their intended purposes.

3. Filter

Whether you have a little hair or a lot, it will all eventually end up in the drain. Use mesh screens to keep hair and other debris from clogging your pipes.

4. Scope out the situation

While most clogged drains are associated with smaller in-house issues, the mainline can cause more serious problems for you. Scoping it out using drain cameras can help you get right to the source of the problem, whether that means:

  • Tree roots

  • Damaged joints

  • Rotted piping

  • Potential collapse

The diagnostic process is non-invasive and highly effective, allowing you to determine exactly what the problem is and the best way to keep your drains flowing freely for years to come.

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